The Cost of Bail

Once you’ve been arrested, you may immediately be concerned with the potential costs of bail. After all, the arrest itself may not cost you anything, but by the time you factor in time away from your job, the lawyers’ fees, and the travel to and from your court appearances, the costs of bail can seem astronomical. Wondering how bail factors in? This overview can help.

Bail itself is actually set by the judge in your case. In most situations, though, you won’t actually have to pay the full amount of cash bail. In Los Angeles, bail bonds can make it much cheaper. Instead of paying the full amount, you just have to pay ten percent of the total amount. Even ten percent, though, can seem pricey in certain situations.Bail Bonds        Premiere Bail Bonds

You may have seen commercials or ads for that in Los Angeles bail bonds are at just 5%. Wondering why many reputable companies don’t offer an amazing deal like that one? The answer is simple – it’s illegal. The cost of a bail bond is set by the state of California. Getting cheap bail, anything less than 10%, is undoubtedly attractive, but it’s not legal. Understanding that the companies involved in illegally bailing a person out of jail simply aren’t reliable is a must when you start to consider your overall costs in the equation.

Fortunately, even if 10% does seem a bit costly, many good bail bond companies will have helpful payment plans and other options that make it possible to go ahead and bail someone out of jail without an issue. In some cases, you can even go with a collateral bond to make certain you have to provide very little cash up front.

It’s important to understand that the overall cost of the bond will change from company to company, so take a close look at the paperwork before you sign anything.

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