Private Surety Bail Bonds vs. Electronic Monitoring

What works best to guarantee a person accused of a crime appears in court when they are supposed to? One might say the newest technology (Electronic Monitoring and GPS devices). This couldnt be farther from the truth but lets explore the issue. Electronic Monitoring (EM) consists of Home Confinement bracelets, GPS units and alcohol testing devices. These are all fine products but they do not guarantee that a defendant will appear in court. Defendants have no “skin in the game”. Meaning they have no accountability and no one to answer to other than law enforcement, and theyve already proven they have no regard for the law (assuming theyre guilty). Not to mention that all EM devices are monitored by private companies that get millions of alerts per day and most of them are false and are simply flaws in the technology. These monitoring companies have a lag time before they report to law the proper authority. Often the proper authority is a probation officer or a judge or a district prosecuting attorney. And these guys are not sitting by their phones 24 hours a day waiting for their defendants to skip town so when a monitoring company calls them it is usually when they are not in the office. So, there is a major lag time before law enforcement is notified when a defendant absconds as compared a bail bond client absconds. Bail Agents are always open and always have someone on call waiting for a call about a client that is skipping town. Not to forget bail companies have a 98-99% success rate at getting people to court to answer to their charges.

When a person is released on bail it is usually because a family member has “put up” the bail for them. Meaning they have signed and pledged some form of collateral and guarantee that their family member will appear in court. This usually gives the accused some sort of feeling that if they dont appear their family will lose the entire amount of the bail. So , while people mioght not care about law enforcement or might not care about bail bond companies and skipping town, they usually wont skip town adn leave their family holding the bag.

Bail has been in existence since the 1600’s in England and was originally used to guarantee that both the defendant and the plaintiff appeared in court. It has been a proven method of guaranteeing appreance of the accused for hundreds of years.

Recent EM cases showing it needs more time to develop its technology:


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  1. Funny, I just read this article online a couple days ago and was in the middle of writing a post about this. Glad you did. Its so true that monitors are a false sense of security. Its a joke. In your book you talked about how one of the guys you bailed out had a GPS monitor on and cut it off and went to Germany. Those monitors really just keep honest people honest but have nothing to do with the guys that have blatant disregard for responsibility.

    They only care when their family or friends that bail them out are going to lose money. Or going to have to pay the bail company the full bail. Herb