Imagine finding out your daughter is a prostitute

2008 647(b) – Engage and agree to engage in prostitution – guilty
2008 653.22(a) – Loiter to commit prostitution – guilty
2011 12500(a) –  Driving without valid driver license – guilty
2011 4000(a)(1) –  No evidence of current registration – guilty
2011 653.22(a) – Loiter to commit prostitution – guilty
2012 11550(a) – Under the influence of controlled substance – guilty
2012 484(a) – Petty theft –  guilty
2013 273.6 – Knowingly Violating a Restraining Order  – pending
2013 11550 – Under the influence of controlled substance – pending

This is what a mom just found out about her daughter. She has been released on her own recognizance on every case never having to involve her family or someone that cares about her. Had she been forced to engage her family or a cosigner to post bail back in 2008 it might have made a difference in her life. But since the revolving door syndrome that infects our justice system is so prevalent she probably will continue down the same path. We (Bail Agents) involve the family to help hold the accused accountable to their charges whether innocent or guilty. Yes, I realize that if the jail holds this “non-non-non” in custody there will be no room for the really bad guys but I am simply speaking from a “heart felt position”. This potential client really opened my eyes when talking about her daughter. The mom actually said she would have preferred to have bailed her daughter out so she knew about her drug and prostitution problems and could have gotten her the help she needed early on.  Perhaps the bail profession offers some solutions to recidivism.

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