DUI IN California, but live out of state?

Restore License in Home State with Online DUI Class.
Tom Wilson, Licensed Counselor

Imagine going to California on vacation, and coming home on probation! That’s the experience of many persons who have the unfortunate experience of being arrested for a DUI in California. California courts require the out of state offender to complete DUI classes that are the same as those required for California residents. The classes are not always available for the out of state resident in their home state because each state has different requirements. However, out of state offenders must complete a program the same length as Californina court requirements for license restoration. Out of state offenders now have the option to complete an online DUI class for non-residents of California and other states at OnlineDuiClass.com, online support and a toll free help line at 1-877-368-9909.

For more information: www.onlineduiclass.com; www.tomwilsoncounseling.com

One Response to “DUI IN California, but live out of state?”

  1. Can people that live in California also take the online course? I thought they had to actually go to the DUI school? If so, we can send our clients to you.