Becoming a Bail Bond Agent in California

In this tough economy, many people in California are turning to employment opportunities that they had never thought of or perhaps never even knew existed. A career as a bail bond agent may not have been your childhood dream, but it is a great and interesting way to make a living.  

What does a bail bond agent actually do?
The purpose of the bail bond industry is to help defendants post bail and be released from jail, while also helping the court system guarantee their appearance in court. As the middleman working for both sides, the bail bond agent is the glue that holds the judicial process together. Contrary to popular belief, bail bonds are actually a very important public service.  

bail bondsman   Premiere Bail BondsHow can I become a California bail bond agent?
There are some basic rules such as you must be at least 18 years old and have resided in California for two years or more. You cannot have any felony convictions and be deemed to have a good character. You must receive your license from the California Department of Insurance.  

To get your bail bond license, you must complete classes from the Department of Insurance that take about 12 hours to finish. Training centers exist across the state of California to make learning the trade convenient. After you complete your training, you need to send in the appropriate paperwork and application along with a fee of approximately $250 to get a test date.  

The exam to become a bail bond agent lasts two hours and contains 50 questions. You should be prepared from your training classes and a score of 70% is required to pass the test. If you fail the test you can retake it as often as you like, but there is a fee associated with taking the test. When you pass the test, it takes about six weeks to receive your license and begin your career as a bail bondsman.  

How should I choose which bail bond company to work for?
For starters, you want to work for a California bail bonds company that complies with California state law. A commitment to ethics is essential in being a good bail bond agent and the company you work for must reflect your values. Research opportunities with companies with high ethical standards such as Premiere Bail Bonds and you will be well on your way to starting your career in the bail bond industry.

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