Bail Bonds and Decreased Crime in Los Angeles

Over the course of the 1980s and 1990s, Los Angeles gained the reputation as being one of the nation’s most dangerous cities. The newspapers were overrun with stories about gang related violence, high speed chases and murders. And, the rising crime rate seemed to show no signs of slowing down.  

It is no surprise that during this time of turmoil, the city of Los Angeles developed the public institutions necessary to handle the influx and high volumes of crimes. As the level of danger and crime in Los Angeles grew, services related to the judicial system were developed out of concern for the safety of residents.  

Police forces increased the numbers of patrol cars on duty at any given time and focused on areas where most of the crimes occurred. The goal was to lower the crime rate through active prevention techniques, but increased police presence could not achieve these results alone.  

Another important factor in deterring crime in Los Angeles was the implementation of community programs to develop trust between the police and the members of the community. Plus, community programs serve an important function in the rehabilitation of inmates after time has been served.  

In an effort to deter crime, legislation was enacted to increase sentences for various crimes including those who commit sexual crimes, gang related violence and repeated offences. Conversely, the use and possession of illegal drugs were decriminalized and treatment centers took the place of jails to stop the addiction.  
While people often cite the police force, community programs and legislation as curbing the crime rate in Los Angeles, they ignore another unlikely source of deterring crime. Bail bonds actually helped keep criminals from fleeing and led to the effective prosecution of many criminals in Los Angeles.  

When a person fails to show up for court, a warrant is issued for his or her arrest. Already busy with on-going crimes, the police department then has to search for the defendant who has fled. In the absence of a true manhunt, criminals are often able to evade the police department. This is where the bail bond industry steps in. Because of the financial responsibility owed to the bail bond agent, the bail bond company also begins a search for the missing defendant. With the help of bail bond agents, police are able to put criminals behind bars and lower the overall crime rate in Los Angeles.

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