“Turning The Law Upside Down”

This is a frightening situation about a criminal who knew the law too well. A convicted sex offender, he was required to register in California, where he lived with his wife, stepchildren and one child from a previous marriage.
He worked as a truck driver. His regular trucking route was from California to Utah to Florida and back.
After some research into the laws concerning convicted sex offenders, he discovered that registration was not required in California if a person lived in the state less than three nights a week. In Utah, sex offenders weren’t required to register at all. He also learned that if he spent at least two nights a week in Utah, he would be considered a resident.
Each week, he spent two nights with his family in California. He kept the house in his wife’s name. Then he drove across country, making sure to spend at least two nights every week in Utah, where he registered his car.
He got around the law by a technicality… as the sheriffs who tried to bring him in on different occasions always found out.

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