“Going Into Labor”

Once when I was working with Jake, one of our defendants failed to appear in court. We had doubts about him to begin with, and he had caused nothing but trouble. He’d lied on his paperwork, giving us false addresses and phone numbers, and his failure to show was the last straw. The judge issued a warrant.
We knew the defendant picked up a welfare check on the 1st and 15th of every month, and it was approaching the 15th. We decided to show up at the office where he picked up his check and arrest him.
The 15th arrived and we went to meet the defendant, but we arrived a few minutes too late. He had just picked up his check and left. It wasn’t a wasted trip, though. While we were there, we learned his wife was pregnant and was being seen by a doctor at a local clinic.
Jake and I drove to the clinic, thinking maybe we’d run into the defendant there, or at least his wife. She wasn’t there, but we persuaded the receptionist to tell us when her next appointment was scheduled.
On the day of her appointment, we showed up an hour early, thinking we’d wait for the defendant and catch him as he walked in. To our surprise, he was there already, by himself. We overheard a nurse tell him that his wife was in labor.
Realizing this could take a while, we decided we would wait outside in the car and grab him as he left the clinic. We hadn’t even made it to the car when I saw the front door of the clinic open and the defendant come running out. He made a quick turn and ran toward the sidewalk.
“There he goes!”
Either he wasn’t ready for this baby or he had spotted us. Jake took off after him on foot, and I jumped in the car and swung out into the street. I passed Jake chasing the defendant down the sidewalk and when I turned to block the end of it, the defendant headed out into the street. Jake lunged and grabbed the defendant by the ankles and brought him down.
They wrestled at the edge of the street. Luckily for both of them, cars were double-parked, keeping the traffic away from where they were scuffling.
I jumped out of the car and ran over to help, but by the time I got there, Jake had the guy subdued. I handcuffed him and we brought him to the car. Jake’s jeans were ripped, his Harley boots were scuffed, and the defendant was yelling that his wife was in labor. We promised that when we got to the jail, we’d call the clinic and let him know how she and the baby were doing.

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