How Do Bail Bonds Work?

A Surety Bond  
Formally, a bail bond is known as a surety bond.  The purpose of it is to ensure that a defendant appears for his or her court date, but does not need to remain held until that time.  The bail bond allows the person to go free and continue on with his or her daily life until the court date.surety bond     Premiere Bail Bonds

You can contact a bail bond agency directly.  This is true even if you are a defendant.  However, others can also contact the agency, such as friends, relatives, or attorneys.

The Process  
Once the agency is contacted, basic information is collected so we understand the bigger picture.  We will be interested in understanding the situation, from where the detainee is currently being held to how long they have lived at their current residence.  A lot of factors can come into how the bond is handled.  The more information we have, the more efficiently we can work.

There are documents that need to be dealt with, and once we have them ready – and we know that speed is important – they can be signed and the process can continue.  Our agents will take the documents to the right facility and it is these documents that will secure the release of the defendant.  It may sound like something that takes a long time, but that’s actually not the case.  A quality agency knows how to complete the entire bail bond process in just an hour or two.  Premiere Bail Bonds has agents that are competent and ready to get the job done in excellent time.

The fee paid is mandated by state law, which means the State of California has determined how much you will pay our agency for our services.  The biggest difference, however, is in how you are treated.  Our agents go above and beyond with each and every client, which is what makes us first class in the bail bonds business.

Be aware of any bail bondsmen who boast that they offer cheap bonds.  These people may be violating state laws to try and get your business and should be avoided at all costs.  It is best to choose an agency that fully understands the business and will go the extra mile to ensure the bond is handled.  It can be the middle of the night and a great bail bonds agency can have you out in just a few hours.

We work in numerous areas, from Santa Ana to Los Angeles.  If you aren’t sure if Premiere Bail Bonds is available where you live, feel free to contact us and ask.

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