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Pretrial v. Private Surety Bail Bonds

A recent article in Huntington, West Virginia shows that pretrial release program is not helping the local jails save money. While officials close to the [pretrial] pilots have lauded them as a success, little data exists to suggest that there has been a measurable impact on regional jail spending. In fact, since 2011, regional jail bills have risen in every pilot county except for one.

Pretrial officers have also shunned other statistics — like instances when released inmates fail to show up for court — that experts say generally serve as a standard in measuring the success of pretrial release programs. Wayne County’s yearly bill gained more than $200,000 in 2012. Mercer County gained over $200,000 from 2011-2012. Greenbrier County’s yearly bill finished at $579,354 last year, up nearly $20,000 from the previous year’s mark.
Wood County’s bill went from $1.6 million in 2010 to nearly $2.1 million in 2012