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The Cost of Bail

Once you’ve been arrested, you may immediately be concerned with the potential costs of bail. After all, the arrest itself may not cost you anything, but by the time you factor in time away from your job, the lawyers’ fees, and the travel to and from your court appearances, the costs of bail can seem astronomical. Wondering how bail factors in? This overview can help.

Bail itself is actually set by the judge in your case. In most situations, though, you won’t actually have to pay the full amount of cash bail. In Los Angeles, bail bonds can make it much cheaper. Instead of paying the full amount, you just have to pay ten percent of the total amount. Even ten percent, though, can seem pricey in certain situations.Bail Bonds        Premiere Bail Bonds

You may have seen commercials or ads for that in Los Angeles bail bonds are at just 5%. Wondering why many reputable companies don’t offer an amazing deal like that one? The answer is simple – it’s illegal. The cost of a bail bond is set by the state of California. Getting cheap bail, anything less than 10%, is undoubtedly attractive, but it’s not legal. Understanding that the companies involved in illegally bailing a person out of jail simply aren’t reliable is a must when you start to consider your overall costs in the equation.

Fortunately, even if 10% does seem a bit costly, many good bail bond companies will have helpful payment plans and other options that make it possible to go ahead and bail someone out of jail without an issue. In some cases, you can even go with a collateral bond to make certain you have to provide very little cash up front.

It’s important to understand that the overall cost of the bond will change from company to company, so take a close look at the paperwork before you sign anything.

6 Key Advantages of Marketing Your Law Firm Online

Industries across the globe look to online marketing as their only source of marketing these days, and for good reason. The benefits are enormous. Attorneys, though, have been slow to jump on the virtual bandwagon for a variety of privacy and ethics concerns. If you’re not sure whether online marketing is right for your law firm, you may want to review the advantages before you decide this isn’t quite the right method for you.

  1. You can design a marketing campaign to reach potential clients with very little time and effort. Because these kinds of campaigns take so much less time, you can achieve your marketing goals in less time. 
  2. It’s far easier to reach your target audience when you’re marketing online. You already have people searching for your services when they find you, so you know you’re going to be a natural choice to meet their needs. 
  3. Using some marketing methods, it’s easy to track the analytics of your efforts. That allows you to adjust your campaigns for better effectiveness. 
  4. Online marketing actually gives you the chance to interact with your potential clients in a way you never thought possible. From directly answering their questions to giving your firm a real voice that customers need to hear, it’s the single most interactive form of marketing available today. 
  5. Online marketing gives you the chance to create a trustworthy, authoritative image of your firm online. Potential clients are likely to go with a firm they trust, and if you’re out there on a regular basis building that image for your firm, growth is the likely outcome. Most online marketing efforts are very inexpensive. Some are even free. You simply set your budget ahead of time, then design your campaigns around what you’d like to pay.

There are a number of reasons for online law firm marketing, but perhaps the most important one is that everyone is online these days. Whether they’re holding a laptop, a tablet, or their smartphone, online marketing is the single most effective way to reach more people.

Online Marketing Basics For Your Legal Practice (Part 1)

The internet plays an essential role in almost any marketing strategy these days. Despite the fact that those in almost every other industry around the globe have adopted online marketing as part of the package, though, few attorneys have. From concerns about privacy to those about ethics, many law firms are concerned to use this channel for a variety of different reasons. The simple reality, though, is that online marketing is often the perfect tool for attorneys, just as it is for professionals in other industries, and this article series will not only walk you through the benefits of internet market, but also the various types available.

Why Market Online?
One of the biggest hurtles for many firms to overcome initially is understanding why they should market online. Most understand the importance conventional marketing strategies, but the benefits of online marketing are sometimes elusive. Here are just a few of the benefits you may not have considered:

  • It’s more convenient for potential clients. They can connect and interact with you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, not just during business hours
  • Reduced marketing costs are a huge benefit. You can spend as little as you like on online marketing and expect highly efficient results.
  • Better flexibility is also at play. With a series of direct mail campaigns, for instance, you’re locked in, but with online marketing, you can adjust your strategies as often as you like.
  • Instant access to a wider base of potential clients is another solid benefit. You may be able to reach sections of your target market you never even considered thanks to your online marketing efforts.
  • Better analytics are also to be expected with online marketing. Depending on which channels you decide to employ, you can often track which campaigns are most effective, leaving you with the data necessary to move forward as you continue to plan and refine your online marketing strategy.

The Starting Line
Even if you’re already familiar with the reasons you should be marketing your law firm online, you may not have a clue where to begin. Over the course of this article series, we’ll be looking at how to use your existing site as a marketing tool, online advertising, blogging, and social media marketing. We’ll not only take a look at the effectiveness of each method, but also how you can get started using each of those channels and some best practices while you’re marketing  online. Stay with us for part two when we’ll look at using your site as a marketing tool.

Bail Bonds and Decreased Crime in Los Angeles

Over the course of the 1980s and 1990s, Los Angeles gained the reputation as being one of the nation’s most dangerous cities. The newspapers were overrun with stories about gang related violence, high speed chases and murders. And, the rising crime rate seemed to show no signs of slowing down.  

It is no surprise that during this time of turmoil, the city of Los Angeles developed the public institutions necessary to handle the influx and high volumes of crimes. As the level of danger and crime in Los Angeles grew, services related to the judicial system were developed out of concern for the safety of residents.  

Police forces increased the numbers of patrol cars on duty at any given time and focused on areas where most of the crimes occurred. The goal was to lower the crime rate through active prevention techniques, but increased police presence could not achieve these results alone.  

Another important factor in deterring crime in Los Angeles was the implementation of community programs to develop trust between the police and the members of the community. Plus, community programs serve an important function in the rehabilitation of inmates after time has been served.  

In an effort to deter crime, legislation was enacted to increase sentences for various crimes including those who commit sexual crimes, gang related violence and repeated offences. Conversely, the use and possession of illegal drugs were decriminalized and treatment centers took the place of jails to stop the addiction.  
While people often cite the police force, community programs and legislation as curbing the crime rate in Los Angeles, they ignore another unlikely source of deterring crime. Bail bonds actually helped keep criminals from fleeing and led to the effective prosecution of many criminals in Los Angeles.  

When a person fails to show up for court, a warrant is issued for his or her arrest. Already busy with on-going crimes, the police department then has to search for the defendant who has fled. In the absence of a true manhunt, criminals are often able to evade the police department. This is where the bail bond industry steps in. Because of the financial responsibility owed to the bail bond agent, the bail bond company also begins a search for the missing defendant. With the help of bail bond agents, police are able to put criminals behind bars and lower the overall crime rate in Los Angeles.