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Key Elements For Bail Bond Agreements in California

When a police arrest involving a jail stay happens to you or someone you know, it’s important to know the steps on how to bring a bail bond forward to get the person out of jail.  

In California, reputable bail bond companies are state regulated by the Department of Insurance, and these bail bond operators all have financial backing from insurance companies, called surety companies. These established bail bonds companies usually have contractual agreements with a variety of courts in cities and counties. These agreements usually state that a bail bondsman will post a bond for a defendant. When that happens, the court will allow reputable bail bonds operators to bail a defendant out of jail by signature, without having to offer upfront cash for the bail transaction.   california bail bonds company   Premiere Bail Bonds

Defendants are mandated to return to court for their trail appearance on a scheduled date. If they fail to appear, the bail bondsmen will be liable to pay the entire bail amount to the court. One example might be that a bail bonds company learns from a client that a member of the family has been arrested and bail has been set at $10,000. The bail bonds company will contact the jail where the person is being kept, get all the booking information and charges, and learn the court date.

Then the defendant’s representative or family member signs the bail bonds paperwork and pays roughly ten percent of the bail amount, in this case, $1,000. By doing so, in effect that says that the defendant will appear in court on each of the upcoming trial dates. If the defendant shows up to court as promised after getting out of jail on bond, that’s all the representative will have to pay a bail bonds company.  

But, if the defendant does not go to court and fails to appear, then the bail bonds company gets a time period of six months (in California) to locate the defendant. If the bail bond company finds the person in that time, then no one has to pay the $10,000 bond. But if the defendant is not located within the six-month timeframe, then the representative or family member who singed the paperwork would be liable for the full $10,000, so that the California bail bonds company could pay that amount to the court.  

Occasionally, there are variations to this payment process, sometimes involving non-refundable fees and seizing of assets. Those will be explored in upcoming blog posts here.

Understanding Your Options for Posting Bail

If you or a person you know has been arrested for a crime in California, and is placed in jail, it’s important to know your options for posting bail. Many people are unprepared for this experience. Not only is there the severity of being arrested, but it’s the all-too-real pinching of the pocketbook that sinks in for a defendant.  

Lawyers often describe a bail hearing as any court appearance at which a defendant asks the court for release from custody, pending the outcome of a case. This process is generally called a bail hearing, even though not every defendant will have a bail hearing sometimes on larger “no-bail” cases they will.

Sometimes defendants will face several bail hearings on the larger more serious type of charges. This usually means a criminal defense lawyer will argue on behalf of the defendant and ask the judge to set bail pending trial. In these types hearings, a defendant and a lawyer can present evidence that they are not a danger to the community, or a flight risk, someone who will leave the state or country after a release. If the judge agrees with all this, then he or she will set a bail amount.  

So what are the best options for posting bail? A person can pay the full amount of the bond, and it will be refunded back to you after judgment is pronounced. In cases involving movie stars, celebrities or persons of wealth, this usually happens. One example is if a person is arrested and is assigned a $50,000 bond, they can bring a cashiers check to the jail to secure their release. Even with the quick release, the person arrested needs to be responsible for attending follow-up court appearances and other bail conditions.  

Another option is to work with a bail bond company. Bail bonds companies enter into an agreement with defendants, known as a surety bond, in which the bail bondsman posts the bail for the defendant’s release from jail. There are some stipulations around this option, and bail bond companies will usually interview defendants or anyone co-signing the bond to ensure compliance with the bond. This is an important step for a reputable bail bonds company, as the bail bondsman will be liable for the entire bail bond amount if the defendant doesn’t appear at all of the determined court dates.  

If you’re ever in a position to require the services of a reputable bail bonds company, consider Premiere Bail Bonds, California’s #1 Premiere Bail Bond Agency, with bail agents throughout the state. Having been in business for over 15 years, its founder and team are well-known to criminal defense lawyers for their professionalism and honesty working in the Orange County Court System and outlying areas.

Why it’s Important for Criminal Defense Attorneys to Know their Bail Bondsman

Anyone who works in professional services has their go-to list of networking contacts that they use. If you’re an accountant, then you might work with a freelance accounting software firm. If you’re a doctor, your outside help might include your professional physical therapists for patient work. In the case of criminal defense attorneys, one of your crucial networking contacts should be an accomplished, proven bail bondsman.

Bail bondsmen are to criminal defense lawyers as an electrician is to a homeowner. You may not need to call them everyday, but when you need them, you want to know you’re working with the best team around.

That’s why it’s crucial for criminal defense lawyers to know their bail bondsman, establish a solid relationship with him, and be able to call on the bondsman when the need arises. If a criminal defense attorney gets alerted bail bondsman   Premiere Bail Bondsto one of his clients being arrested, the lawyer needs to know who to reach out to handle the bond proceedings.

A professional bail bond company is one knowledgeable in the criminal justice system, has the experience in dealing with the courts and jail centers and can work with criminal defense attorneys with tact and speed to ensure the release of the client to avoid jail time.

That’s why knowing the right professional bail bonds professional is crucial to a criminal defense attorney. Having the right team on your side can spell the difference between limited exposure for the client or jail time for the client. And no one wants that.

Moreover, a top-notch bondsman can provide duty to the attorney above and beyond standard bail bond work. This includes extras like being in court to present bail, delivering emergency service, providing signature bonds, offering special pricing for defendants and more.

Bondsmen who aren’t known in attorney circles could face more demands placed on their clients. This could include situations of necessitating extra collateral requirements and additional co-signers. This is why it’s important for criminal defense lawyers to make it a point to take meetings with established bail bonds companies, ones who are known in the industry and can provide professional services when needed.

Because in the real world, there are no free ‘get out of jail’ cards.

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