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Bail finally granted for Italian Marines accused of murder in India

Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, who were arrested off India’s southwestern coast on February 15 for killing two Indian fishermen, were finally granted conditional bail on May 25, 2012 by Kochi High Court in the southern state of Kerala. This incident has caused a diplomatic spat between countries. [Read more →]

Irvine man arrested for fleecing elderly with walk-in tub scam

With the surge of baby boomers reaching retirement age, you see more and more advertising for services they would have a greater interest in using and buying. Walk-in bath tubs are among the most popular and heavily advertised on TV by the famous crooner, Pat Boone, and others.

Apparently, Michael Edward Ragsdale, 45, of Irvine got wind of this ‘need’ and decided to cash in on it by selling these special tubs to seniors at an average cost of $7,500. He would get a deposit or the entire amount up front (I can’t imagine why anyone would do this), and never install the tubs, but just kept the money and was never to be seen or heard from again. [Read more →]

Extradited Brit Christopher Tappin granted bail in US

Back in February of 2012, Christopher Tappin, 65, from Orpington, England was extradited to the United States due to allegations of arms dealing. The actual alleged offence was selling batteries to Iran for use in their missiles, which Tappin denies. [Read more →]

Proof that bail has its place within our justice/legal system because it works!

In the news lately there has been a great deal of press about the “broken bail system” in Philadelphia, PA. In fact, the system is broken to the tune of $1 billion! OUCH! What makes this number so high? Apparently, this number is off the charts because of close to 50,000 long-term bench warrants for offenders that “skipped bail”, uncollected forfeited bail bonds, witness threats, and failure of the criminal justice system to enforce accountability for criminal offenders. [Read more →]