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DUI Manslaughter

We received a call this weekend from a family that wanted to bail out their 22 year old dauaghter. She was charged with DUI causing injury or death. Bail was set at $100,000. Some DUI cases where people are killed are being charged with murder or at least manslaughter charges. What a way to ruin your life and the family’s life you affected. Just when you thought you had your whole life ahead of you this happens. We’ve seen a lot of people ruin their lives with a dui. Its interesting that DUI’s dont have a bail amount and that most people charged with a DUI get released in 6 hours after sobering up. No one takes the offense very seriously until they are facing a manslaughter charge simply because they had cocktails and got behind the wheel.

GPS Units and Bail

GPS units are a joke. In 18 years of writing bail I have only had 2 people abscond and both were on GPS Units administered by the courts. GPS units are a false sense of security for the public. They do not keep people from skipping our on their probelms. If they did something that was wrong enough to put them in jail in the first place why wouldnt they cut the bracelet and take off? The only thing GPS units are good for is exclusion zones. Meaning if a person committed a crime against another person then a judge can decide to make teh perpetrator wear a GPS device which would tell the courts if the perpetrator enters into an area close to the victim. This is the only thing gos is good for. It does not change a “bad guys” decision to abscond and skip town. And when that person does abscond who is going to go chase them? The state? Sheriffs and Marshall’s are so understaffed these days that there is no way they can chase these guys down. GPS is a major false sense of security and a huge ripoff to the taxpayer. http://www.newson6.com/Global/story.asp?S=14167777

Man acted as a Bail Agent Arrested

There are bad apples in every bunch and the bail industry is not absent of it. In this case it was a non bail agent acting as a bail agent. We applaud the District Attorney in Orange County and are confident they are doing their job in the most efficient manner. Keep up the great work Mr. Rackauckas.