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County Jail Release on time, maybe.

I helped some clients to bail out their brother last Thursday and we met at the Superior court. This turned out to be the longest day ever for all involved. The defendant had been in custody 2 days before and the family decided to save the money by allowing him to go to court. The end result didn’t justify the pain and suffering endured by the family. The family had been told to “let him go to court” and we understood the decision as times are tough. The outcome proved to be a loss of sleep, time, effort and if that wasn’t enough, the job as well. The job lost was a union job working for SAG. The time lost was close to 3 days total. The hours lost were over 36 and the defendant was released at 5:00 am the next day. Everyone invloved, rearranged clients, day care, work schedules and they were emotionally disrupted throughout the entire process. I know this sounds negative but my point is, if someone is worthy of bailing out, please take do everything you can for them. We work with the judicial system each and everyday. Our experience with all County Jails is second to none. We are very accurate with our expectations and we can produce the result. Had the family allowed us to work for the money we were already earning, they would have had a better experience with bail. The defendant tells me in conversation afterwards, “I wish I had been in left in custody”. WOW, how do you like that? I would not share that comment with the family. He was very upset with his family as he thought they dragged their feet.

Holiday Arrest, No Money

Well here it is again, the Holidays. A time when one should enjoy family and friends and then the unexpected “Ooops, that darn red light” nails you. If this is someone you know, I can imagine you didn’t welcome that in like you did the New Year. This very thing happened to my niece. She decided to take the wheel after a small social gathering at her friends home. They were only twenty minutes away from home and my niece thought she was less drunk and offered to drive. At the moment she took the wheel and made the seat adjusment, a CHP was rolling by and pulled her over before moving forward one inch. Imagine that? She had just taken the seat and “BAMm” red light time! She was arrested on the spot and this was her first going to County. Moving on with this story, she was released on OR but the total cost of time and money has far surpassed the action. She tells me that she still parties but is more carefull now, whatever that means. I saw her over the Holidays and I know that she drove under the influence. I am not her father but I am her uncle and wouldn’t want to see her arrested again. If the case be that she is arrested, I know the routine and it pains me to bail her out. I feel for all that go through this process but I have to keep a professional stance. I cannot help everyone that has been arrested but I can offer my services when called upon doing so. Please be careful and and drive safe. If the worse case scenerio occurs to you don’t hesitate to call us at Premiere Bail Bonds (800) 662 0056 day or night and we will help you ASAP!! For those Spanish speaking clients, please call (888) 733 8533.