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Getting Even

How do I start this story…Hmmm…Well I got a call from a gentleman that ask if I were a notary and I responded to him by saying yes…Well he proceeded to tell me his name and where he lived…He lived in the small town of Savage Minnesota and he needed  my services and that his name was Jimmy…So I asked him how I could help him…He explained that his wife was in jail at West Valley Detention Facility in Rancho Cucamonga California on a Fraud case and that she was going to be there for at least a year…So he needed a power of attorney signed by her so that he could take care of their affairs while she was in jail…So he asked how much I charged and he said he would send me the money and the Power of Attorney right away… [Read more →]

Serious as a Heart Attack

I was bailing out a male defendant from the Burbank P D one Tuesday afternoon. I met with his co-worker who had nothing but good things to say about the defendant. Upon completing all the paperwork, I posted the bond and was told that the defendant would be released in one hour. I decided to wait for him and receive his signatures.Upon his release he was very friendly and grateful for my attention to detail and expediting the bail release process for him. His co-worker had since left as he had to get back to work. In about ten minutes the defendant became very irate and very uncomfortable to be around as I started asking personal information. This is to be expected and I must say that I enjoy it. I continued to inquire more information and I knew I struck a nerve when I asked him about his wife. Oh boy, here it comes, the old, I hate that such and such and she’s a gold digging, nickel bending, yada, yada and more yada. [Read more →]